the cathedral of the cotswolds



19th January 2022

 The 8 churches in the Benefice are open for visitors,  7 days a week.

Compton Abdale, Cold Aston & Notgrove services

will be held in their Village Halls over the winter

Cold Aston Church is closed due to repairs to the end of February


Wednesday 19th January -Northleach 10.30 am HC-CW

Sunday 23rd January 

Northleach 8am - HC-BCP, 10.00 am LEGO & Café Church,6.30 pm Evensong,

Farmington 10.30 am Matins, Cold Aston 6pm Compline,

Compton Abdale 6 pm Come & Sing (Village hall)

Sunday 30th January - Candlemas - Haselton 10.30 am Benefice HC with Baptism

Working to Covid-19 guidelines. 

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The Heart of the Cotswolds

The History

Learn more about the magnificent ancient parish church of St Peter & St Paul…often known as “the Cathedral of the Cotswolds”.  Find out about the the history of this beautiful building, the people that made it…and hear the famous Northleach church bells!

Benefice Churches

Northleach Church is part of a wider group of eight churches collectively called the Northleach Benefice. This website provides information on the other churches in the Benefice including upcoming services and events. We look forward to welcoming you across the Benefice to any of our services or as a visitor.