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Hazleton is a small parish high up in the Cotswold Hills. The church of St Andrew in Hazleton like most of the churches in the Northleach Benefice dates back to Norman times.

In the days of Edward the Confessor numbers of his countryman followed him to England and for 25 years before the Conquest, pursued a policy of peaceful penetration.

Among them came to Hazleton, Goda, Countess of Boulogne (the King’s sister). Possessed of the estate of Hazleton, she died in 1057.

Being religiously minded the Normans built many churches including St Andrews. Visitors to the church today can still see its Norman doorway, arch, font, vaulting shafts and stingcourse and its weather beaten corbel. There was a Rood Screen setting forth Christ crucified for Man.

The Tower

There is a small west perpendicular tower and in it in 1721, one of Abrham Rudall’s 5,000 bells from Gloucester Foundry was calling to worship.


Visitor and worshippers today will receive a warm welcome. Please consult the service link on this website for the latest information and service times.

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