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Like many of the churches in the benefice, St Bartholomew is of Norman origin, and similary restorations took place in the mid to late 1800s here. However much of the Norman details remain.

For 700 years the tower and short spire with its cross and gilded weathercock have guarded a church of precious things. In the porch are Norman stones let into the wall on the church west side together with a bit of 15th Century window.

On the east side there is a recess where relics were kept and below is a stone coffin.

At the Tudor doorway are two scratch dials and there is another on the chancel wall.

On the south side of the Nave are six oak benches on which people sat during the reign of Elizabeth I.

The old manor house to the west of the church was the seat of the Whittington family, supposed to be descendants of “Dick Whittington”, Lord Mayor of London. The chancel inside the church has effigies of two male and one female member of the Whittington family, dating back to Elizabethan and Stuart times.


Visitors and worshippers are warmly welcomed at St Bartholomew. The link on this website will provide up to date information of services at this church.

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